Sagittarius New Moon 6-7th Dec 2018 New Moons



The new Moon has great manifesting energy in its ability to attain focus to your intentions for personal growth, healing and gives the blessing for new projects or ventures and consecrate the new you, you wish to manifest.The new moon energy is potent for 3-4 days after the New Moon rises.

We all feel the Sagittarius aim now towards the new or the bigger picture of how we want things in our lives. We are now all feeling the energy most planets moving forwards again and the big Jupiter energy of I can do this now. Just remember details can be overlooked in this energy.

Many situations right now are not quite so black and white as they might first appear because we have Neptune with this new moon energy shining its energetic veil which may blur your vision of a situation. Make sure you defined a situation clearly and make clear limits and boundaries with people. Some may feel that they might want to finish something once and for all with that fiery aim of the Sagittarius arrow focused in a direction, but we have some watery pisces energy dampening your spirits which cause some frustration to your plans but Neptune is compassionate in its energy and getting an unplanned result might be of benefit so ride the waves at this time. On this new moon you need to be focused in the creative rather than the destructive energies! Patience is something Sagittarius energy may not sit comfortably with and so make sure you are balanced in your go get em energy this New Moon. Blessings Lesa


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