Welcome to 2016

9 Vibration

What Does this Mean For You?

2016 is what we call a year 9 vibration which activates the energy of contemplation and for many the completion of a natural cycle we experience every 10-years of our lives. There is a major lifetime vibrational opportunity here for you in this 9 energy to transform yourself and your life. Many of you will be contemplating what the next big plan or vibrational level of your life is that you would like to now move forward towards and be living.

What This Energy Can Achieve For You ?

2016 has the miracle energy and you are feeling ready to transform yourself from a soul calling. Many people will feel the need to act on a very deep inner knowing or calling that has been laying in the background for many years or even a life time. This is all because of the 9 vibrational energy activating you to evolve.Many will be feeling that they have mastered where they are at in their lives as the soul calls for the learning and experience for more to the journey.

To learn more about energetic activations, currents and how to best utilise these powerful energetic alignments to enhance your intuition, connection and life path go to my E-book Your Year Ahead every year.

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