Astrology will help to guide you through the powerful times of change we are all experiencing and the evolving existence of human consciousness on the planet.

Astrology can be used as a powerful tool to help you to know how and when to activate or align to powerful planetary alignments. Inform you of when shifts in consciousness can happen more easily or powerful times that facilitate pivotal change to  your life.

Monthly astrology posts forecasting planetary insights and updates of New and Full moon cycles.


Lesa will also Enlighten her readers through channelling information from her guides about the Universe and Spiritual evolution and living in the Truth of our existence and  how to use alignments of Planetary Energy to our highest potential within ourselves, and for everyone and everything on the planet to enable the highest and best way for all layers of their personal experiences past,present and future.

Guidance updates of Moon cycles, powerful activation opportunities,energy awareness of planetary influences to advance your conscious living.

Lesa will give guidance and updates on the Moons and Planets and inform you of how best to use these Powerful Energy Times and Gateways to bring Awareness to the the ebb and flow in our daily lives as we journey on through our evolution of this Planetary Existence.

Lesa shares with you free Astrology posts to support you through your year each and every year. Go to post section on this website.