Clair (Clear)  & Voyance (Vision)lesa

Lesa is an Exceptionally Gifted Clairvoyant and Medium who is renowned in her field of work for over 15 years of client experience with her ability to connect with her clients Spiritual Energy and give Accurate and Honest Readings. Lesa was gifted with the ability to see spirit from early childhood. Appointments can be arranged by person, phone, Skype & FaceTime. 

Internationally Recognised Clairvoyant/Medium and Spiritual Energy Teacher 

Lesa’s Psychic Ability to See Clearly and desire to bring peace and comfort to people, by using her innate gifts allows a deeper connection to pass on messages of meaning and purpose to your current life path,advise you on the Higher Path and bring comfort, healing and a sense of peace to those grieving for loved ones.

My readings are a mix of clairvoyance, mediumship and spiritual counselling, I don’t pick how things come through that is up to your guides, they will know what is best for you and what you need to hear.

During all sessions with me, I will clearly describe for you everything that is told and shown to me, so that you have a full understanding of what you are working through and how it will benefit you. Guidance on all the key areas of personal concern such as career, relationship, finances, health and so on, are available through these readings.IMG_0042

What can a reading do for me ?

Spirit energy work is about growing your awareness, connection and also clearing energy for those who are seeking not only to solve their immediate problems but use these issues and situations to create a richer and more meaningful life.

Working with and through spirit energy brings conscious awareness to the higher self and connection allowing deep change in your energy systems vibration that not only offers solutions to to your current blocks, it has an even more important purpose it brings a greater connection to yourself which then flows through all areas and relationships of your life!

How To Choose The Right Reader

Integrity,compassion and truth ensures that the messages from Psychic Readings have the highest and best intention for you. Those who see Lesa for a personal session know that they are held in a space of complete love and non-judgment of their personal situation.Lesa’s brings professional wisdom and understanding to  each individual and their own personal journey.This gifted wisdom ensures comfort and ease of every clients personal experience.

Experience Lesa was approached for her professional integrity, expertise and renowned insight to work with cold case profiles which she gained solid validations about the spirt world and her own gift and talents. Lesa has established a large cliental through recommendations from her clients which has also established clients Internationally in America, Europe, South Africa, New Zealand and throughout Australia.

Lesa offers Individual Consultations in Person,Telephone or Skype for those already on a spiritual path and for those who are looking for guidance in their lives journey.

Bookings are essential.

Sessions cost $120.00 per hr.

DISCLAIMER: By paying for a session with Lesa, you agree that any messages you receive are not a substitute for advice, programs or treatment from a licensed medical, psychological, legal or financial professional.Lesa provides no guarantees or implied warranties and is not responsible for any interpretations decisions made or actions taken by clients.  All actions taken and decisions made are all made by your own free will and are your actions and decisions alone.