Important !  April a month of serious decisions and choices which will bring karmic paths, fate & destiny, which way will you go !


The month of April so important so I had to get this news out to you. Everyone is feeling confused!

April is nonstop retrograde. It is an extremely tense time; you have to pay attention! Retrograde means karma fate you choose the karmic line now. January /Februarys moved us fast so fast, now the tide is retracting back (retrograde) things are being revealed to you, all the things you were unaware of whilst being launched forward at high speed.

April 6th Its time Saturn (reality, decisions, goals plans) at the end of Sagittarius (expansion) we are at that final time to look at long term destiny choices and decisions which brings fate around those decisions on a very deep level.

April 5TH-9TH-10TH April Mercury retrograde (communication) Saturn Retrograde, this is the craziest part of this zodiac month where the crazy will be at an extreme intensity this is  where you have been brought to this very point of what will I choose? what is your decision going to be or  what am I going to manifest on this karmic path I am choosing this is the fate you will encounter so watch your decisions!

Big stuff only you can decide as you look into your soul and your souls’ truth, so there is a lot to think about and process, we will all be confused at this time, so be careful/mindful and look and think about what has been presented to you in the past few months! or what has been put in front of you so you make the right decision, as all the fate destiny and karma come together you have to delve into making a choice. So from the 2nd to the 9th insane time major decisions which will lead you down a certain fated path, use your free will wisely and trust what the universe has placed in front of you lately.

FULL MOON IN LIBRA 11th April Venus (love, relationships of all kinds) is still going backwards a changing time with unveiling and revealing, so still expect to have unpredictable turns, break through, getting out of situations you find yourself in. Its a time to see who is real and get real, as you move into the energy of being ready to move forward soon.

April15th Venus goes direct forward you will more positive about relationships and have more clarity, you are ready to move forward expand, try new places and things, you may even be able to see things in a much happier light as you move into a whole new zone of you and your soul’s true connection. You are ready to clean up any karma in May.

19th-20th-21st April Everything has seemed so slow up until now and things get really intense again and begin to move fast changes are starting to happen you will be making relationship decisions and directions at this time.

You will start to feel that you have a good grip on things.

NEW MOON April 26th Finally things can start to come together and seem more stable as the crazy is fading.

Finally, 30th April do not let your wounds control you trust in fate and the path that is in front of you and you will now fully understand the importance of your decisions. Make sure you have a spiritual connection with all that you move forward into that journey.

THE BIGGEST MISTAKE YOU CAN MAKE THIS MONTH IS getting to the end and not seeing what was right in front of you because that ship will have sailed and you can be on the ship or stand on the shore and watch it sail away as it moves onward and you don’t want to be the one saying OMG I MISSED IT, WHAT WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!

April 15th -21st YOU CANNOT MESS AROUND this month.

The Challenge this month is are you ready to open the doors? Are you ready to define your life and what you really want and getting to the bottom of your life? Are you ready to take it forward?

MAY is like a breath of fresh air as we move forward. April is not a time to push things but rather ride the waves, breath through the intensity and maintain emotional balance and make choices and decisions which are from your inner truth of what you are wanting to manifest be patient and all in divine timing.

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