Aquarius Lunar Eclipse 28th July 2018 (AEST)

If you read my last post you would be aware that we have been sitting right in the middle of two eclipses. Now the second eclipse is ready to emerge. And it is HUGE!!! So, this is a MUST-READ SITUATION!!!!!

This Lunar Full Moon Eclipse is super charged. Aquarius is a fixed air sign and this eclipse supports awakening to release beliefs that have formed over time that block our forward progress. This Eclipse is powerful to the subconscious and rises up the shadow side of what is hidden, secrets and those feelings that feel too big and scary will be demanding attention and expression now. Changes that have been brewing behind the scenes are catalyzed into action. Aquarius is between South node and Mars which brings strong focus to completing unfinished business and breaking free from the past. People from previous lifetimes literally and figuratively may reappear. The eclipsing of Mars (with the moon) represents a significant turning point with the its retrograde cycle going on from June 26th – August 27th where we must search within to uncover our true desires rethink our contribution to the collective reclaim our individuality and freedom. You might feel like you are going backwards regressing into old patterns but there is a deeper layer of healing ready to happen, as this eclipse opens a powerful port hole for clearing stuck energy and emotions. This eclipse will bring our stories of alienation and not belonging to the forefront for releasing and help you clear any underlying fears that society will reject us if we speak our truth, offer our unique gifts and own our radical individuality. As a collective energy there is a purging of old expressions of the masculine that is not in alignment with where humanity is heading! We might see extreme masculine shadow erupting on the world stage Mars (aggression) is out of bounds from 7th July- Sept 24th bringing to the surface awareness to core underlying patterns, raising consciousness of what needs to shift. Mars that reflects the Aquarian Age ideas of equality and freedom for all. Please be mindful anger could also be triggered that has been repressed for a long time or is completely unconscious with the eclipse energy. Also, we have Uranus ruler of Aquarius square Sun the moon, Mars at the nodal axis, amplifying revelatory and revolutionary power so unexpected events, erratic behavior sudden changes and radical breaks with past are possible. We may feel like we are in a swirl of chaos shaking us out of stagnant patterns. This really is a time to trust your intuition go with the flow, ride the waves of change, work through your feelings and emotions, to let go of our attachment to the old from your heart and trust that whatever you are dealing with it is leading you to a greater lesson in living and moving you forward with greater wisdom and freedom for your next level of growth and expansion for all.

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