Aries New Moon 7th April 2016

This New Moon will bring forward a big boost of energy and enthusiasm in all that you are doing before we all dive deep into the retrogrades of mid-April beginning on 17th April   so make sure that you have all your important documents/work done before this time and remember during a retrograde period the momentum with projects is similarly slowed, and we inter into an introspective period of time. Aries is the first Fire sign and is full of enthusiasm but we have trickster energy from Uranus archetype this new moon that has a tendency to bring surprises and sudden moves, as well as unexpected glimpses of enlightenment. This is therefore a week, and a weekend, when almost anything can happen and it is advisable to ride the wave rather than fixating about missing the wave that you were expecting. New Moons are great for planting the seeds for new beginnings but this one you much watch for revelations of which you are probably still experiencing after the last two eclipses. This may also be a time when important life structures are crumbling, and being rebuilt in a new way for you so trust.

Why Does The Moon Affect You?

The Moon has energy and has long being known to heighten the intuitive senses bringing awareness to ones emotions and instincts. When you tune into the Moon’s phases the lunar energy has a gravity creating ebb and flow, a rhythm like the tides of the ocean. The New Moon presents an opportunity for a new canvas, a blank page and has long been used for its power to initiate.

The New Moon has manifesting energy excellent in its ability to attain focus to your intentions for personal growth, healing and the blessing of new projects or ventures and to consecrate the new you, you wish to manifest.

What Can A New Moon Do For Me?

The New Moon is the start of a new cycle a fresh burst of energy in what ever it energises sparking new beginnings, fresh starts, optimism, hope and faith, it is a good time to form that which you wish to create or renew. In this energy it is also a very important time to contemplate upon the true motives of your intention to begin or create something new and a time to think about the energy and thought forms that you have surrounding this new idea or new beginning, as all thought forms connected to this vision and manifestation will have the energy of the New Moon energising the growth of all that you are thinking.

What spiritual work can I do on a New Moon?

New moon manifestations should be done at the start of the new moon within the three and a half days later. You must wait until the New Moon appears then you get the opportunity to begin your New Moon manifestations not before.

Remember your intentions come from the longings that reside deep within you and they keep coming up in order for you to align with the universal energy vibrations.

In the days leading up to the new Moon, you would have naturally and unintentionally given some thought to those longings and desires, deep within so spend some quite time now reflecting on those desires and see what images, dreams and streams of thought come up.

New Moon Ritual

New Moon manifestation meditation is a way in which you can work with universal energies, to bring forth the awareness of your own energy vibration of that which you are living and heighten your personal power within.

The power of the New Moon energy brings to your attention at this time a particular life lesson, situation, direction or desire that energizes you to want to activate or begin something new and to expand out beyond your current vibrational energy. With all that you know now find some quiet time to breath into a meditation energy expanding your energy out into the energy of the New Moon and begin your energetic alignment of this transformative process of the New Moon Cycle.

New Moon Guided Meditation By Lesa Terry go to my  YouTube channel.