Cancer Full Moon  December 22nd – 23rd 2018

Capricorn Solstice December- 21st 2018

This is defiantly the year to bring back the Christmas spirit of love, acceptance, forgiveness and consideration of others.

This Full Moon may bring an intensity to the Christmas vibration, we will be feeling a masculine energy opposing the feminine intuitive energy & making an out of sign square to combative Mars. The energy will feel like a parent or boss coming down hard on you if you take one step out of line.  It’s a time to be mindful of others and be on our best behaviour or we might have a quarrelsome Christmas. I would also like to remind everyone that people this year have been clearing a lot of karma and bringing endings to cycles, ready for 2019 =12= 3 = reinventing my life path. Be aware that people may be healing, restoring, re-structuring, recovering from their lives, so be mindful and respectful of this emotional year of hard work and big decisions mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. We have Mars in Pisces which can bring on super emotionally charged feelings so caution with the Christmas spirits (alcohol) if you are more sensitive. Mars is also conjunct Chiron the wounded healer so there may be tears that need to flow in order to bring healing endings and change. Pluto here in the energy mix also will bring deep emotions to the surface to create change for you. This is a Christmas to have compassion for those healing and clearing their souls at this time, as they are ready for a big shift in their lives on a deep level. Good news!! Uranus trine to the sun sextile to moon, could bring about a wonderful surprise for some that nobody saw coming!! And this will have a personal and individual surprise element to it. This is a great time to pay it forward this Christmas, be the one creating good energy, lifting vibrations, lead the way to spread the love that is needed as we move through this watery lunation with the moon in cancer and Mars Pisces and be mindful of the possible consequences of your actions on others this Christmas. Take time to look at your actions and the ripple effect it has on the people, places, & situations around you. Blessings Lesa

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year  

Blessings Lesa

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