Cancer Solar Eclipse July 13th  2018

This eclipse in the sign of Cancer represents the home family roots & foundation. This represents our physical home, mother womb, but also body as home for the spirit. Cancer also rules watery realm of deep emotions so heightened sensitivity’s and reactivity are possible.

Eclipses are extra powerful lunation’s which bring accelerated change growth and offer catalyzing major endings and beginnings. This eclipse has Pluto which will reveal our shadows and with this cancer eclipse brings awareness to distortions and dysfunctions in family dynamics and intimate relationships. We may be alerted to patterns of over nurturing others or to ways we close ourselves off to the care that’s available to habits of oversensitivity and hyper personalising what’s not really our concern or the opposite of shutting down our hearts and retreating into our shells. This eclipse has the power/ energy to help you shift and release deeply rooted emotional patterns. You may become aware of what no longer nurtures or supports you or what you no longer really care about. The solar eclipse in Cancer will be followed by a lunar eclipse and then another solar eclipse we now enter a period of potential upheaval and emotional intensity we need to work with the first eclipse to drop more fully into a felt sense of home in our bodies and on the planet. This is a time to stay open to intense feelings let them move thru you and use this time as fuel for change. Remember Cancer also represents a time to nurture and care for ourselves in ways that will help you internal a true feeling or sense of home.

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