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Capricorn Full Moon June 28th 2018
Capricorn is the sign of completions and consequences so this full moon my serve as a particularly dramatic time, as it activates a turning point in our life. Full moons serve in seeing results of your past actions. With the moon also conjoining Saturn (Sea goat ruler) known as the lord of karma. The emotional tone of this lunation is going to help clarify priorities and enable you to realign with what is most meaningful to us. Remember nothing is set in stone if you don’t like what’s coming or the cause and effect of what’s happening in your life now (karma) the Capricorn energy will enable you to take responsibility and create a turning point to start attuning your energy in a different direction. Where have you fallen into avoidance or procrastination? Where do you need to step up and take charge? OR where have you taken on responsibility or burden that is not yours? This may be a time to say NO and set new boundaries. Capricorn calls for emotional responsibility when triggered, stepping away from drama and pulling your energy inward for reflection and the next best strategy. The more centered we are the ability to be open hearted and vulnerable we can be. Chiron is also challenging you this full moon stirring energy around confidence, courage, power. REPRESSED ANGER could arise at this energetic time (Mars retrograde conjunct south node of the past) This may be a time where you revisit feelings from times you failed to stand up for ourselves where we were wanting to please others rather than being in the desires of the truth self. This is a great time for healing and speak truth with love. This is a major time or restructuring and the balancing of our emotional life and what we are manifesting in the world! Are you putting your energy taking care of others that you neglect your own goals? Or are we so focused on work that we are neglecting our personal life, family, intimacy, home and self-care? Now is the time for clarity so we can best move forward.

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