Aries New Moon April 5th 2019

Aries New Moon April 5th Whatever it is that you want to achieve the New Moon in the sign of Aries will give you the energy and drive to go forth and conquer! You will feel the energy is there to help you to break through any barriers that may have been blocking you moving […]

Libra Full Moon 20-21st March 2019

Libra Full Moon 21st March (AEST) Many of you are already feeling the effects of the energy as this Full Moon completes its full cycle bringing another review of where we need to end cycles in our life right now. This full moon is positioned at 0 degree of Libra and 3 other planets also […]

Capricorn Solar New Moon Eclipse

Capricorn Solar Eclipse January 5-6th 2019 This Capricorn New Moon Eclipse configuration will enable you to have laser like focus on traits or areas of life it touches on. It also has an added potency of the Moons South Node which hold the keys to your destiny and ultimate life lessons. Your life’s purpose is […]

Cancer Full Moon 2018

Cancer Full Moon  December 22nd – 23rd 2018 Capricorn Solstice December- 21st 2018 This is defiantly the year to bring back the Christmas spirit of love, acceptance, forgiveness and consideration of others. This Full Moon may bring an intensity to the Christmas vibration, we will be feeling a masculine energy opposing the feminine intuitive energy & […]

Sagittarius New Moon 6-7th Dec 2018

Sagittarius New Moon 6-7th Dec 2018 New Moons     The new Moon has great manifesting energy in its ability to attain focus to your intentions for personal growth, healing and gives the blessing for new projects or ventures and consecrate the new you, you wish to manifest.The new moon energy is potent for 3-4 days […]

Scorpio New Moon November 7th 2018

  Scorpio New Moon November 7th 2018 New Moons bring the energy for the changes that you are ready activate, this Scorpio New Moon will have you clearing out the old or what no longer serves you and cutting some cords! you will dig deep and go right to the bottom to clear out the […]

Aquarius Lunar Eclipse 28th July 2018 AEST

Aquarius Lunar Eclipse 28th July 2018 (AEST) If you read my last post you would be aware that we have been sitting right in the middle of two eclipses. Now the second eclipse is ready to emerge. And it is HUGE!!! So, this is a MUST-READ SITUATION!!!!! This Lunar Full Moon Eclipse is super charged. […]

Cancer Solar Eclipse July 13th 2018

Cancer Solar Eclipse July 13th  2018 This eclipse in the sign of Cancer represents the home family roots & foundation. This represents our physical home, mother womb, but also body as home for the spirit. Cancer also rules watery realm of deep emotions so heightened sensitivity’s and reactivity are possible. Eclipses are extra powerful lunation’s which […]

Capricorn Full Moon Report 28th June 2018

Here is your FREE FULL MOON REPORT !Enjoy! Blessings Lesa Capricorn Full Moon June 28th 2018 Capricorn is the sign of completions and consequences so this full moon my serve as a particularly dramatic time, as it activates a turning point in our life. Full moons serve in seeing results of your past actions. With […]