Gemini Full Moon Wednesday 14th Dec 2016 (ADLST)

This Full Moon may have you feeling unsettled as it does bring a mixed bag of planetary action.

We all need to remember that any full moon will bring about a focus to our relationships of all kinds and full moons bring to our attention things that need to be addressed and also heighten our emotional body. So this full moon we are being called to utilize our rational mind (Gemini) and our intuitive wisdom (Sagittarius) to resolve any issues that come up for you around this full moon and the following week after. Gemini loves information so just be careful you’re not all up in your head and in overload with processing information, the good side is you will be up for communication, not so good if you have problems with communication of your emotions to yourself or others. Gemini loves to talk things out. We do have Saturn which will bring some challenges such as bad moods, the glass half empty instead of being half full, some may feel sadness, bored or lonely or have difficulty sharing their emotions with Saturn. What we must do here is be aware of our mood energy or bring others down as this will cause distance in relationships. The good news is the negativity will be softened with the Moon, Mars and Jupiter configuration which will help you to be generous, creative and objective in resolving a peaceful balanced outcome. So rational communication of your emotions and looking at thing from a higher perspective is the key for a balanced peaceful outcome for all this full moon.The other positive aspect is some will have insight into seeing possabilities where others only see limitation.

After the full moon we near christmas with the planets softening our usual assertiveness and confidence and Mercury retrograde (going backwards)which will have your logical mind feeling a little confused.  Planetary action is moving slow over christmas so many will feel like they are in unfamiliar territory or a little lost and you may feel like things are not moving for you which is not the case.This is a time to pay attention to your intuition and dreams.December the 24th is one of the best aspects of the month the planatery action will have you making changes responsabily whilst also encouraging you to feel ready to choose new goals which will be in alignment with your highest integrity.So get creative and utilise this super powerhouse planetary support.



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