An introduction to Major Arcana tarot card love meaning.

The Major Arcana cards hold the strongest energy within the tarot deck. In questions regarding the heart they describe situations both in relationship or single. If you are manifesting love, the Major Arcana cards showing up in your reading can tell you if you are attracting or repelling a soul mate.

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Fool tarot card meaning magician tarot card meaninghigh priestess tarot card meaningempress tarot card meaningemperor tarot card meaninghierophant tarot card meaninglovers tarot card meaningchariot tarot card meaningstrength tarot card meaninghermit tarot card meaningwheel of fortune tarot card meaning

justice tarot card meaninghanged man tarot card meaningdeath tarot card meaningtemperance tarot card meaningdeath tarot card meaningtower tarot card meaningstar tarot card meaningmoon tarot card meaningsun tarot card meaningjudgement tarot card meaningworld tarot card meaning

Fool Love Meaning

In a love reading the Fool speaks of not knowing or fully appreciating what you have when you have it. It can denote having deep feelings but not being able to fully grasp them, or you might even be brushing them off as superficial. The Fool often travels from relationship to relationship, too afraid of getting emotionally involved. If the Fool shows up in your reading you might want to take a look at your current relationship. You can grow in the relationship you are already in. If you are single and looking for love, the Fool says you can aim higher and start attracting people who are ready to commit to you.

The Magician Love Meaning

In a tarot reading The Magician represents your soul mate. The Magician is your ideal partner, someone who really gets you. This is however a high maintenance relationship where you will have to give just as much as you want to receive. You must work on yourself and push yourself to be the best version of yourself. The Magician can represent a relationship that consumes you. You will feel deeply in a Magician love relationship. You must love yourself to keep this relationship harmonious, or you will end up feeling emotionally drained and empty.

The High Priestess Love meaning

The High Priestess loves the mystery and excitement of love and romance, but she doesn’t always appreciate the reality of a long term relationship. The High Priestess denotes psychic connections between people, and a love connection that can feel like an addiction. This is an emotional relationship, but it doesn’t always manifest itself on the physical plane. You ache for the other person who knows how to hook into your energy-field. You always want some of The High Priestess magic in a relationship, however if the energy of your relationship is purely that of the High Priestess then your relationship might only exists in the ether.

The Empress Love meaning

The Empress is one of the most positive cards to get in a love reading. This card denotes someone who loves you and who wants to commit. This is the card for having it all; great love, family and career. You don’t have to sacrifice when you get the Empress tarot card. The best thing about it is that you can feel safe and secure. The Empress denotes a relationship which will prolong your lifespan.

The Emperor Love meaning

The Emperor offers you security and plenty to do. You will be part of something bigger than yourself, an enterprise created for you. Are you impressed yet? The Emperor wants to impress you, to earn your respect and admiration. You will not always have a lot of time with the Emperor who is too busy ‘ruling’ the world. You will of course enjoy the fruits of this labour, but don’t get to comfortable. You are expected to do your bit, just make sure you do it in a way that doesn’t feel threatening to the Emperor. The Emperor is all about being serious and ambitious. This is a relationship where you will have to be humble towards your partner’s ego. You will have to grow a backbone and stand firm against an intimidating partner. In time there will be a complete turnaround. You will become the alpha, because you learnt from the greatest Alpha of all times; the Emperor. This is a relationship that teaches you how to be fearless.

The Hierophant Love meaning

The Hierophant is all about commitment and tradition. In a relationship reading it speak of finding someone who shares you belief systems. You are two peas in a pod so to speak. You get so comfortable with each other there is no need to worry about infidelities. The Hierophant is all about monogamy. This is a secure and stable relationship between two people who end up becoming one.

The Lovers Love meaning

The Lovers is the love card to get. It speaks of a holy relationship. You were meant to be together. Does that mean it is all roses? Not unless you have learnt to love yourself and allow yourself to receive. Sometimes love can be scary. Especially real love. True love is what everyone wants, but often to afraid to pursuit. And when they do have it; they are often too scared to let themselves give up the protective wall. The Lovers tarot card speaks of a soul mate who complements you and makes you feel whole. Together you can create the life you always dreamt of.

The Chariot Love meaning

The Chariot is a sociable card. It is the card for meeting love through friend connections, and while in a relationship you are always spending time with friends and social groups. The Chariot often denotes that you were friends before you become a couple, and that you both have a hard shell to crack. While in the relationship it takes time to get to know each other. The Chariot tarot card is all about achieving and bettering oneself. In a love reading it speaks of self love. Without self love the Chariot love relationship will be competitive and controlling. This card also denotes a long distance love relationship.

Strength Love meaning

Strength is a great card to get in a love reading. If you are single this card denotes you will soon find your Rock in life. Strength tarot card denotes passion within two people who bring out the best in each other. Strength will make you strong, it will give you the confidence to be yourself, and to pursuit your dreams in life. Do not take it for granted, this is not a relationship that comes around often.

The Hermit Love meaning

The Hermit is a tarot card that speaks of searching truth and peace. This is a meditative card, and when it describes a love relationship it often denotes two people who are most comfortable when it is just the two of them. The Hermit speaks of relationship that might have difficulties progressing into a committed relationship. This is a relationship that develops over time. You will most likely be having long and intimate discussions about the deeper things in life. You feel you have made a connection you have never felt before. You have this spark that is hard to explain, and you feel it the strongest when you are alone together.

Wheel of Fortune Love meaning

Wheel of Fortune is the tarot card for meeting your soul mate when you least expect it. This is not someone you have similar friends with. You will meet through what seems like fate, and you are destined to be together. This is an action filled relationship full of adventures.

Justice Love meaning

Justice is a non-emotional tarot card, and yet it is a great card to get in a love reading. It denotes you will meet someone who ticks all of your boxes. You might even re-discover someone you know, or fall in love with your partner all over again. Justice has strong boundaries and rules you must apply with. In a love question you will know what is right and wrong in terms of the rules of the relationship. Justice is a relationship where your partner is very good-looking and where you have the same level of wit and intelligence. You know how to make each other look good.

The Hanged Man Love meaning

The Hanged Man in a love reading speaks of investing in yourself before you invest in a relationship. Become someone you would want to be in a relationship with. Be less stuck in your ways and more flexible. Be less selfish and more altruistic. Be less rigid and more open-minded. The Hanged Man will bring you a partner you might not consider unless you start sacrifice old and outdated beliefs about what relationships are meant to be like. Stop comparing yourself with others, and stop wanting what others have. Let go and you will have something much better. You will have what is yours by divine right.

Death Love meaning

Death tarot card can denote the end of being single or changes within a relationship. It often speaks of the need to become more independent. You might feel the urge to jump into a relationship too quickly, or you want the relationship you are in to move forward before it is ready. Death also speaks of old love; old flames returning. Timing is often an issue with the Death tarot card. You might feel you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, and if timing had been better, things could have been different. To change you must leave the past where it belongs; in the past.

Temperance love meaning

Temperance is a card for deep healing. In a love reading it speaks of a relationship that heals you. You will fall in love without having to loose your head in the process. Temperance speaks of love between two people who are quite different, and therefore complement each other perfectly.  

The Devil Love meaning

The Devil is not a bad card to get in a love reading. It is not a great card to get either, though. It can speak of love that feels like an addiction and you keep crossing the lines between pleasure and pain. The Devil is about temptations, passions and desire. It is about wanting something so much it becomes an obsession. Nothing else matters. You can easily loose yourself in the claws of the Devil. To free yourself you must rise above the physical and look at how you live your life from a spiritual perspective. Who are you hurting? The Devil wants you to feel insecure, but if you face your fears you will be set free.

The Tower Love meaning

The Tower shows up when your relationship is a source of emotional triggers, fears and pain. You might be finding out something about your other half that changes everything. If you are single than dating might feel too stressful. You might feel like you are totally out of your comfort zone, and the people you are meeting are not what you need. The best thing you can do when the Tower is showing up is to take it slow. Don’t make any rash decisions. The Tower will pass, and your Star will arrive.

The Star Love meaning

The Star shows up when you have suffered in love and come out the other end. You have learnt how to survive in difficult relationships. The good news is that when the Star shows up there is light entering your life. Your vulnerability makes you very attractive to others. You might have more than one suitor trying to get your attention. Your life is about to get interesting because someone will turn up and tick all the boxes. In a relationship the Star signifies your partner is falling in love with you all over again. You have invested in yourself and it has paid off. If single you will have plenty of options, but you might choose to stay single for a while.

The Moon Love meaning

The Moon is a very romantic card, and it can signify being in love with love. You might be lost in a fantasy, waiting for something but not knowing what that is. The Moon also speaks of wanting dangerous love, and you might be on a path towards heartbreak which is the last thing you need when this card shows up. You have already had your fair share of heartache. The Moon plays with your imagination and it is hard to see clearly the people in your life who love you. Escape in creativity and stay real with your partner. If single the Moon often speak of short lived love affairs. What attracts you to these relationships are the illusions of what they could become. Deep down you know you don’t have to make a commitment.

The Sun Love meaning

The Sun is the card for new love, love at first sight and falling in love for the first time. This is a joyful card, because it is true and real. There is nothing fake about it. You will love and be loved from a pure heart. This is a social and playful card. You might be going on a romantic holiday or celebrating shared interests. The Sun also denotes having children and ending up with a big family. The Sun is a warm and happy card, where life has meaning and your heart is content.

Judgement Love meaning

Judgement in a love reading denotes a relationship who nearly ended, before it resurrected. The couple needs to appreciate each other more. There is a purpose to this relationship, and those involved need to focus on what is important rather than the drama. One has to be the leader and show the way. Judgement tarot card sometimes describes unhealthy patterns in a relationship where one is strong and the other weak. The worst thing you can do is to escape and hide away. Be a leader. Be assertive. These are the qualities that keep your relationship on track.

The World Love meaning

The World is the final card of the Major Arcana cards, and it shows up when you need to be mature about the relationship you are in. You are in a relationship where you are being taught a lesson, and if you pay attention you will come through the other end a much more mature and confident person. The World speaks of having substance and sticking by your partner in both the good times and the bad. If you are single, then the World will bring you a relationship where you can grow. You might find your soul mate on the other side of the planet, and you will have to step up in some way. This is a relationship where you will find your place in the world.

Shuffle the cards to find your love connection.

Want to find out where you are at in the web of love? Shuffle your tarot cards (the whole deck) and start turning one card over at the time. The first Major Arcana card that shows up is your current situation. How long you will be represented by the card can vary. Some people stay in one or two patterns throughout their lifetime, while others change energetically many times from year to year. Doing self-development will change your energy, and change the energy of your relationship and the people you are attracting.