Leo Full Moon Eclipse February 11th 2017 11.32am Sydney Time.

With two eclipses shaking up the energy this February we can continue to expect the unexpected!!




Get ready for a fired up February emotions may bubble to the surface with this dramatic Leo full moon eclipse! Many will get closure on something you may need to resolve or if you require something to change fast or maybe just that breakthrough will become clear or a barrier removed. This eclipse will give you the insight into what is come in August when the solar eclipse hits! If there are endings for you this eclipse do not worry it is clearing the way for the new when the solar eclipse hits.

The intense energy this month is coming from Mars in Aries & Jupiter (luck and generosity) / Uranus (unexpected-sudden) face off! We are about to experience game changing eclipses with breaking news about to come out ! Mars (fiery) has returned to it home of Aries until 9th March arousing us to take action, speak out or protest! People you are going to be woken up in some way!!! Be careful with aggression when dealing with others.

February is the month of Valentine’s Day with Venus & Mars so lots of opening our hearts, speaking our truths, steamy physical connections, and more than likely a little drama for some due to some jealous Pluto in Capricorn in the middle.

More good news for the Love part of our lives On February 26th  New Moon solar eclipse in Pisces (fantasy/imagination) could connect you to a soul mate or bring in a higher spiritual vibration!! Februarys 2nd eclipse in Pisces (compassion &creativity) will bring a loving vibration but Pisces also rules illusions, hidden agendas or being misinformed.

There is a lot of intense opposing energy’s going on this month so remember to stay grounded. The biggest thing to be aware of in this Leo full moon is our egos which could be bigger than usual and remember that all eclipses are like drawing the wild card, anything could happen and things have a 50/50 chance of going either way!

February ends on a volatile note because Mars (combative/warmongering) & power-tripping Pluto will butt heads on February 22nd & on February 27 th, Mars and Uranus make an explosive connection in Aries, facing off against global Jupiter. We may see upheaval & outrage in the world especially if injustice is served.

Blessings Lesa!

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