Libra Full Moon 21st March (AEST)

Many of you are already feeling the effects of the energy as this Full Moon completes its full cycle bringing another review of where we need to end cycles in our life right now. This full moon is positioned at 0 degree of Libra and 3 other planets also aligned at 0 degree as well representing the beginning of a new spiritual journey staring new and fresh it’s time for a spiritual journey reset! .Your energetic field is going to be active at this time bringing intense emotions up for many on some level.SO where are you feeling the emotional endings? Where are you wanting to go now emotionally in relationship with yourself and others? Libra represents balance and relationships, more so Libra the sign of balance that likes to keep its own environment in balance and harmony first. So, this Full Moon may bring to your awareness where you are out of balance with yourself and your relationships. If there is any chance you are not in agreement with someone or something this is the time to agree to disagree rather than driving your point of view because you may find you both arguing all day! This is not a time to take people on their word as people will be blowing hot and cold on ideas and plans as everyone is wanting to keep their own balance internally. It’s not the time to take someone’s plans, schemes, promises and ideas on or to seriously as it may well be short lived. Libra it is a sign mastered at getting others to do the work to execute their plans, this is not a time for get rich quick schemes or ideas. Libra being the social butterfly will remind you that you are not alone and may will be eager to form new bonds and this cosmic alignment appears to give permission to start new with a clean slate and let go of any un necessary baggage. This Full Moon bringS a new chapter of your life to fruition so embrace the changes as your soul is calling you to another level of you. Blessings Lesa.

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