Magic Monday Manifestations


Hello and welcome to Magic Monday I am going to give you all free inspiring positive tips tools and hints to support you in your manifesting abilities!! Todays topic ABUNDANCE QUESTION ? how many of you got up this morning with your FIRST thought being/asking for what you truly want? BE HONEST! How much abundance/money etc, did you ask for this morning before you thought of anything else,how much did you ask for today and this week? This has to become your first thought naturally 24/7 if you want it ti be your 24/7. Your 1st Task is- Every Monday set a clear INTENTION of what it is you choose to receive into your life right now as if by magic.Tip- choose amounts of abundance you feel comfortable receiving and then build on that.Be clear on the amount and the positive it will bring to something that is important to you in your life right now!Here is the reflection QUESTION What are you refusing to ask for that if you asked it would ensure you received it.Healing- Ask this simple question of your higher self/you- change the one molecule that will change everything for me in receiving this thank you it is done.!Witness the molecule changing.

Affirmation-This is the beginning of a new time in my life right nowBalance and harmony prevail in my life now, all things are possible abundance and security are flowing into my life continously in good ways .I command the creator to restore the balance of my abundance and create prosperity in my life now.This moment speaks of a time of miracles and balance of all things.Thank you

Blessings Lesa

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