Healing Energy Massage

$ 120 – 90 mins

Lesa is renowned in her field as an Energy Worker with 15 years experience as a Massage Therapist and Body System Intuitive as her past career, Lesa has extensive experience working intuitively with the energy of the body and its physical, mental and emotional belief programs. Working with and through Energy brings conscious awareness to the sub-conciousness allowing deep change in the Energy Systems Vibration that not only offers solutions to to your current blocks, it has an even more important purpose as it brings a greater flow and connection to yourself which then flows through all areas and relationships of your life!

Once an appointment has been confirmed a 50% cancellation fee applies if cancellation occurs within 24hrs of appointment.

 Thanking You Lesa

Lymphatic drainage


$100 – 75 mins $120 – 90 mins

The Lymphatic System and Immune System assists in circulating body fluids and helps defend the body against disease causing agents. The Lymphatic Systems primary functions are, draining excess interstitial fluid transporting dietary lipids,carry out immune responses, and remove toxins from the body.
It is most important to help cleanse,clear and support the lymphatic system for the benefit of your everyday health.

The philosophy of lymphatic massage is to promote healthy functioning of our immune system through stimulation of the lymph nodes to remove fluid and waste.When our bodies become toxic from environmental or dietary factors that slow down our lymphatic system, fluids build up causing the body to become fatigued and heavy making us susceptible to viruses.

Lymph drainage massage is mostly for treating Lymphedema, a blockage of lymph nodes in the arms and legs.It is a gentle type of massage therapy that is used to drain fluid excess fluid out of the body to encourage the flow of toxins through the lymphatic system to be eliminated.

Lymphatic massage will benefit people who are susceptible to illnesses (especially in winter) a depressed immune system, injuries, emotional stress, low energy and depression.It has a positive effect on skin, promotes vitality and helps with respiratory disorders.Because this type of massage activates the body’s innate healing mechanism,the (parasympathetic nervous system) it also has application for people who are managing pain.Helps reduce cellulite clear away accumulated fatty deposits blocked in the body systems and skin surface.This type of massage also helps to alleviate fluid retention and improve mood for women suffering with Pre Menstrual Syndrome.

Once an appointment has been confirmed a 50% cancellation fee applies if cancellation occurs within 24hrs of appointment.

 Thanking You Lesa

Lesa is a fully Qualified and Accredited- Herbalist -Massage Therapist & Healing practitioner.

Cancellation of appointments requires a 24hr notification or a cancellation fee will apply.

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