The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 11th Dec 2015

Will have the sun and Uranus on the 7th and 8th which will bring in an energy of wanting to be innovative, your inner genius will be full of new ideas about your future. This Sagittarius new moon is a friendly one and with Mars giving energy to your passions many of you will be wanting to broaden your horizons concerning new clients, distant travel, publishing, academia, importing /exporting, Sagittarius loves expansion and adventure.

Sagittarius rules the truth and purpose so over the next 5-6 days be mindful that Sagittarius will be pushing you to feel so uncomfortable or aware of what needs to change that you will have no choice be to be true to yourself about you. Remember we are all constantly evolving.

This new moon will also bring lots of surprises that will help you in what your quest is. Remember now is the time to plant the seeds in this very supportive, expansive and innovative energy and watch it grow until the next Sagittarius new moon comes around so take this new moon seriously and give a lot of thought to this friendly new moon and your creativity.

On the 20th mercury squares Uranus so its best to avoid travel at this time go to your destination before the 20th or after the 20th.

On the 24th and 25th Christmas eve we have a Full Moon in Cancer we have Venus sextiles Jupiter which is a fabulous line up for all social activities, Venus is the giver of love, happiness, beauty and Jupiter is the giver of gifts, good fortune and miracles and wants to give you more, when these two signs are in communicate they will be working out how to help you when and where you need help. The Full Moon has Neptune trine Venus bringing in a higher octave of (Venus) love and you will want to give to others before yourself, also with mercury ruler of (communication) trine Jupiter this is one of the most harmonious aspect you can get, so you may get a message, text or surprise gift, remember Jupiter gives you more than what you asked for.One thing I will say is that you should watch your spending over this time.

On the 26th Uranus is turning direct so all the things that you have wanted to get  moving forward will begin to finally move forward 2-3 days from the 26th.

New Years Eve also looks to have good alignments and energy, so here is to a refreshing December. Merry Christmas.

Blessings from