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Partnerships are important to us.  Our partners and affiliates are listed here so that you can benefit from their services, products and offers. 

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A list of our affiliates are below. Please contact them directly if you are interested in their services or products. 

Please note we are not represented by any other entity that appears on this page, this page is a directory of other services and we do not play any part in what they offer, the pricing or services. 

Affiliate 1

Spirit energy work is about growing your awareness, connection and also clearing energy for those who are seeking not only to solve their immediate problems but use these issues and situations to create a richer and more meaningful life. Lesa uses her experience and training to provide the most comprehensive reading sessions.

Affiliate 2

Working with and through spirit energy brings conscious awareness to the higher self and connection allowing deep change in your energy systems vibration that not only offers solutions to to your current blocks, it has an even more important purpose it brings a greater connection to yourself which then flows through all areas and relationships of your life!

Affiliate 3

Integrity, compassion and truth ensures that the messages from Psychic Readings have the highest and best intention for you. Those who see Lesa for a personal session know that they are held in a space of complete love and non-judgment of their personal situation. Lesa’s brings professional wisdom and understanding to each individual and their own personal journey. This gifted wisdom ensures comfort and ease of every clients personal experience.

Affiliate 4

Experience Lesa was approached for her professional integrity, expertise and renowned insight to work with cold case profiles which she gained solid validations about the spirt world and her own gift and talents. Lesa has established a large cliental through recommendations from her clients which has also established clients Internationally in America, Europe, South Africa, New Zealand and throughout Australia.

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Readings & Healings are often the first step

Tapping into your spiritual awakening and learning more about your life’s journey is important. If you feel like you need direction or would like to make a connection then a psychic reading could be enlightening for you. We are here if you have any questions or concerns. Please reach out. 

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