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Be In Your Personal Flow Every Year

“All Rights Reserved”By Lesa Terry 2015

This e-Book book gives insight into your year ahead every year. It assists to empower people to utilise their highest potential, to move forward each year creating focus and clarity to align and activate their future.This book will guide you through the next era of your life and beyond that. This book is your companion, personal mentor and personal energetic trainer!


Add your birth day-month and the current year together. Example 24/11/2016

DOB- 2 4/ 1 1/ 2 0 1 6 = 17

7 + 1= 8  Your Personal Year Number is 8

This book is my unique and simple form of channelled energetic numerology information I share with my clients. I have written this book at request from my clients who by experience from our sessions want more and are amazed at the accuracy and clarity it provides them. This book also contains the wisdom and understanding of energy that I have gained through my extensive spiritual interaction and experience with clients from people from all walks of life, their problems, dreams and desired aspirations. Your Personal Year Ahead provides you with the guidance to change the energy required for your personal expansion beyond your personal limitations.


Each birthday we have a new personal year number which brings a certain focus to something your heart desires, that something your focus is wanting to create and manifest into your life.

We all experience each year the desire to grow, achieve more and create expansion beyond what you thought was possible Why? This human desire is due to

1. Our personal soul growth.

2. Cycles we move through are energised by the universe.

This book teaches you a simple way to use your own numerology as an effective and simple tool to create the energy, flow and alignment to what you want in your life with extraordinary results.

What Can My Numerology Do For Me?

Activate connect and align to your energy vibration every year enabling clarity, balance, flow and harmony as you move forward through life. Activate every aspect of your personal year number with channelled numerology.
This book is for people who desire to shift their energies for the purpose of understanding how to create solutions and change to energetic patterns within and beyond themselves.

And for those who are looking to solve the challenge of moving beyond feeling stuck and unfulfilled in their current situation. While also motivating those people who desire their life experience to reach beyond all known possibilities. The demographic is limitless.

Why Is This Important?

Raising the level of consciousness it brings insight into synchronicity, creativity, vision and the inspiration to unlock the mystery of how you can evolve to enrich your personal growth.

DISCLAIMER: By paying for this ebook, you agree not to copy, publish or distribute the information for any other purpose. Any messages you receive are not a substitute for advice, programs or treatment from a licensed medical, psychological, legal or financial professional.Lesa provides no guarantees or implied warranties and is not responsible for any interpretations decisions made or actions were taken by clients. All actions taken and decisions made are all made by your own free will and are your actions and decisions alone.

2022 All rights reserved. Copyright Clairvoyant Lesa. 

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