Sagittarius Full Moon 

20th- June 2016

Its is only once every 2-3 years we experience two consecutive Full Moons in the same zodiacal polarity within a month. This 2nd Sagittarius Full Moon intensifies the evolutionary message and is more significant than the energy of a Blue Moon. It is now the time for an energetic initiation for a new phase of development, taking you to the next level. This Sagittarius/Gemini Full Moon highlights where we are still learning to embody our deepest truths so be continually mindful of your thoughts and question your assumptions.

All of the  mental confusion that you have been experiencing this month has been preparing you for this big moment a new you a new way of doing things and a giant leap forward to a very destined direction.So be sure to trust your intuition and trust the universe and follow your inner knowing as it is ready to expand.

Gemini deals with perception and governs that there is always more to learn. Gemini- shadow side knows a lot of facts but lacks wisdom and needs to learn to listen.

Sagittarius governs concepts and convictions over expanding horizons understanding tolerance and understanding of ones life purpose. Shadow side- over indulgence and excess so be mindful. Its a time to be discerning and dedicated to eliminate what drains you or distracts you and concentrate on what really matters.

This Sagittarius Full Moon also has the added element of the Cancer Solstice which is activated 12hrs after the peak of the Full Moon for those who want to utilise the energy a solstice is an energy gateway which brings with it a flux of cosmic energy to our sphere and psyche.

June 24th impels us to take the next big step on our own path.

June 29th we are now ready to act on all that we have learnt from April 2016.


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