Scorpio Full Moon April 22nd 2016

Full Moons illuminate how far we have progressed toward the intentions set by the last New Moon and whether we can continue on that course or need to change direction. Scorpio a water sign represents the depth of our feelings, fears and endeavours to comprehend motivations. Scorpio discovers what propels your passions and aversions? What is your deepest hunger or what is your worst fear? Everyone on some level will be experiencing emotions which will lead you into the knowing of what to release in your life this Full Moon you may find yourself questioning outdated biases and beliefs as you feel an internal shift. Also on April 28th we have another energy from mercury going retrograde until 22nd May you will be influenced further to rethink your priorities and bottom lines. Where do you need to slow down? What would make you happier? Know this at this time we are universally and energetically primed and supported in taking a big step forward now so be reflective during this retrograde period and use the energy of the Full Moon to release any emotions that may be surfacing.

Full Moon Ritual

Find some quiet time to settle your energy and begin to reflect on your current situation, the feelings you are experiencing and begin to write down all that you would like to release at this time. Write your list thoroughly and when you have finished if possible burn the letter somewhere safe and as you do see all that you wrote down clearing as it burns away removing the old from your life. Always give blessings and gratitude to the Full Moon for bringing to light all that needs to be revealed as you set yourself free from the emotional hold that any given situation has over you. Thank the Full Moon for its illumination and for expanding your growth.

Letter To the Full Moon

Its time to release and allow us to learn in this life not through negativity but through positive people places and situations. Its time to release and be done with those people places and situations that no longer match and uphold our expectations and clear the path to healthy successful loving life ahead.

Its time to bring in our happily ever after to feel secure both financially and personally to allow ourselves to receive emotionally mentally and spiritually in a safe loving caring way. Its time for stability in our lives, home, work, money, family and relationships. Its time to bring forward our utmost compatible future that supports our needs wants and hearts desires and allow us to share our journey with generosity respect and freedom.

 Written By  April 2016

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