What does the Scorpio New Moon Signify

This Scorpio new moon on 11th November will call upon you to choose between clinging to the old or moving forward toward the new we are all currently feeling the need for healing and transformation in order to grow and with Mercury conjoining with this new moon one of the main areas in need of transformation will be your thinking and capacity to perceive and share information as well as patterns and connections to your thinking. Scorpio will illuminate what is going through your mind and across your lips. What’s really true? What needs to be said? And what do we need to be willing to hear? Its time to think with your heart and trust your inner knowing and watch for important insights in the first half of the month as it will be bring awareness of what will be surfacing from mid month onward.

Scorpio as a spiritual teacher

The spiritual task of Scorpio is to learn to let go and learn that there is no real death only transformation.

Remember a new moon brings a new lunar cycle a fresh burst of energy in what ever it energizes sparking new beginnings, fresh starts, optimism, hope and faith, it is a good time to form that which you wish to create or renew. In this energy it is also a very important time to contemplate upon the true motives of your intention to begin or create something new and a time to think about the energy and thought forms that you have surrounding this new idea or new beginning, as all thought forms connected to this vision and manifestation will have the energy of the New Moon energizing the growth of all that you are thinking.