Scorpio New Moon November 7th 2018

New Moons bring the energy for the changes that you are ready activate, this Scorpio New Moon will have you clearing out the old or what no longer serves you and cutting some cords! you will dig deep and go right to the bottom to clear out the old for the new! New Moons are a good time for planting the seeds  and preparing the new garden bed to see your seeds (ideas) sprouting by the next lunar cycle.Scorpio will enable you to get to the very core of any issues that you are currently dealing with.

This Scorpio New Moon will bring you a deeper experience with feelings good or bad. Scorpio loves to dig deep or come at you out of nowhere! Be prepared to experience the highs and lows of the emotional rollercoaster ride! Whatever feeling you are experiencing this new moon, it will be remember by you for a very long time so it will be profound, whatever it brings up for you will bring change within you. The sun and moon at this time put emphasis on your personal focus. Venus has retrograded back into Libra and this calls for us to revisit or reviewing of situations, you may experience that something you though was solid needs redrafting or you need to discuss certain matters again with someone. You need to be willing or take a deep breath and go over old ground (this may not make you popular) and you will most likely find a better way forward in the situation so stay open! Scorpio New Moon can also help you to discover or reclaim your creativity or something you are deeply passionate about and start a new beginning or you may pick up that creative something you pushed to the side. Pluto in this moon energy is putting emphasis around a issue troubling you and this has an element of difficulty or difficulty letting go! Pluto will help you to transform a situation that has not been ideal or satisfactory. Whatever it is that you are dealing with you need to do it with careful discipline and self-alignment. We do not want to step on anyone’s toes in this Scorpio lunation alignment we must wait our turn! or wait in line with the knowing that our individual desires will be dealt with. We are all feeling the need for a new level to deepen our experience of feeling connection with ourselves life and our path. Those who are ready to explore deeply this Scorpio New Moon energy will open you and allow deep healing if you are ready.

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