Pisces Super Moon Solar Eclipse March 9th 2016 (ADLST)

This New Moon is the first of 4 eclipses this year and the first of 3 super Moons in a row. All solar eclipses mark major endings and beginnings, what in your life is ready to be completed or taken to the next level. Eclipses occur in 19 year cycles so what was happening in your life then? What needs to change now? This New Moon brings a concentration to certain cosmic energies and you will be reminded of something that was important to you 6 months ago (sept 2015) this may surface again.

This Pisces New Moon is energized by several factors and is offering an opportunity to be in connection with the higher self and you may find that you are yearning for a healing on some level and opening of the heart, in what makes you feel whole? Remember at the end of every spiritual journey we come full circle and gain wisdom and growth. On march 10th and 17th the energy continues for more healing and BIG shifts can also occur so watch for insights March 15th 16th and 27th at this time we have a Jupiter and other planetary energy expanding our range of perception and grasp of possibilities. As we know it only takes a small shift in perspective to make a big difference and profound impact. This is a great New Moon to spend time in nature and meditation and creative activities.

Remember healing involves recovering parts of our selves that were formerly denied or suppressed. There are no failure only infinite learning possibilities. Take time to do your New Moon list and go to my New Moon guided meditation on YouTube.