This card represents an authority father figure energy who establishes structures security and stability in your life .You have or know how to have control in your daily environment, you work with a disciplinary attitude and emplace boundaries and are great with self discipline and are comfortable in leadership role. You like to take charge with a firm a hand and fairness in a situation.The wisdom and life experience of the emperor will listen to others advice but come to a decisions himself then rule the final decision. In life you have worked hard and are setting up life with your own rules and boundaries.Which has lead you to having learned the skill of being a good leader. You stand strong in creating and executing your vision and with your excellent systematic and strategic expertise you can organise people to bring your vision to fruition.


This King demands to be herd and can use domination over others or demonstrate control issues.Powerful leader that demands respect.Authority status power commands and directs others rules with a firm hand and has the final say.

This card may also represent a lack of discipline in someone.

Inflexibility,Domineering, ridged thinking.

A situation where one would use and abuse power over others because of their authority powers.

Is your dominance making others powerless.

You may need to stand up to someone who is an authority figure in a situation.

Are you shying away from being a leader.

Consider where power plays are in your life.

Unequal relationships.

The tarot card meaning described is based on the Rider Waite Tarot Cards.