The Moon Card

Upright– Emotions intuition subconscious deception. 

Illuminates the mind to higher consciousness.

Reversed– Emotional confusion negative influences repressed emotions avoiding your fears.

Moon Card suggests a time for listening to your intuition you may not have all the information about a certain issue or your current situation.The moon card brings a time of delusion or illusion sometimes deception or uncertainty to a situation.Your emotions at this time could be fear based so be careful when making decisions. At this time you are being reminded that emotions are connected with the moon so you will have a strong connection and attunment with lunar cycles which can stir up the hidden shadow side or the hidden in the subconscious mind.Under the influence of the moon card you will be able to tune in with the divine energies and uncover deep intuitive insights. You may explore the subconscious fears or replay past emotions so that healing can be achieved. Be mindful this is a time where fears, illusions and uncertainty maybe where you are projecting from so perceptions and interactions with others needs to be observed rather than making assumptions . This is a time to develop deeper levels into your intuition feel and heal you way through deep emotions rather than analysing or reacting to them, turn this emotional time into a posative to go another level within. 

The Tarot card meanings and descriptions are based on the Rider Waite cards.