Passiflora Incarnata

To combat restless sleep and calm the Nervous System.


Sedative, anxiolytic, anodyne.

Passion Flower is known best for aiding anxiety and mind rest reducing circular thinking or obsessive thoughts swirling around in the head.

Passion flower has been called the herb that helps your passions awaken hence being known as the (passion made real) herb. This herb has been known to be helpful as a reminder of your passions, for people who have not found what they want to do in life and are anxious as a result. Known to be helpful when looking for your calling in life.

Passion flower is know to aid problems concerning sleep disorders, restlessness (including children) Insomnia (including children) nervous stress and anxiety (including children), irritability with difficulty in falling asleep, nervous gastrointestinal disorders (including children) and has been known to be useful in supportive treatment for withdrawal from opiates, cannabis and alcohol.

Cautions and contraindications

None known.