Its metal is Platinum

Colours turquoise and lavender

Flower water lily

Neptune the ruler of Pisces and the higher octave of Venus takes 168 years to orbit the zodiac and spends roughly 14 years at each sign it is a feminine energy and rules Pisces and the twelfth house. It is an outer planet and a very slow moving one so its effect is generational. Neptune’s glyph is the trident of the mythical oceanic God Poseidon ruler of the oceans and the earth. Due to its fluidity this planets nature is changeable and illusory.

What To Expect Under The Influence Of Neptune.

When you experience Neptune’s vibration we transcend ordinary consciousness and associate more with our intuition and spiritual enlightenment. What you see as ordinary or rational perception, alters into extrasensory perception of magical and enchanting worlds thus being known as the planet of inspiration, psychic receptivity, dreams, illusion, delusion and confusion.

In this transforming energy one must not fall into potential traps of lack of boundaries, becoming overwhelmed and inundated with emotion and heightened awareness with no point of reference to guide you, you must seek a balance between surrendering to the flow and drowning. It is under Neptune’s influence that we can be naive, vulnerable often be coloured by fantasy or dreaminess and can be susceptible to disillusionment.

It is important that you have an energetic experience with Neptune that honours its transcendent function with compassion and mercy that does not allow you to fall to far into its depths of trickery deception deceit, guilt and addiction.

Because we become much more highly attuned when there is a Neptune transit, it is a good time to focus on spiritual pursuits like meditation or yoga, and your health as Neptune rules the immune system, which filters out the toxic substances from the body.

Spiritual Wisdom Of Neptune!

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus in love and allows us to love very deeply, activating the will to sacrifice to the benefit of others due to feelings of compassion and mercy. We must rise above the the demands of the ego in Neptune’s influence not to experience the negative.

Neptune asks you to become more aware of how you act and to behave in ways that help us and the greater good of life of all others.

Neptune And The Body

The feet

Neptune And Career

Neptune reigns over psychic phenomena, liquids, chemicals, oil, paints, perfume, brewing, narcotics, fishing and aesthetics.