Its metal is plutonium

Colour black

Flower Anemone

Pluto the ruler of Scorpio and the higher octave of Mercury takes 248 years to move around the sun is the ruler of Scorpio and know as the planet of extremes, things can end very quickly when Pluto transits bit with all endings, brings you forth to a new beginning.

What To Expect With Pluto Energy?

When Pluto transits it can cause tremendous upheaval to planets and natal houses being activated, it will be all or nothing, death and rebirth transformation at play.

Pluto is a powerhouse which governs money and transformation, think of Pluto as the energy that comes in and inspects all of your foundations to see if there are any cracks and then demands immediate forced action to be taken by you to make the neccesary changes to completely reform your way of doing things. The events that occur activated by Pluto force people to take stock of their lives and explore the deeper underpinnings of their situation or circumstance brought to their attention at the time and fix things.

It is know by all that Pluto is not the easiest planet to contend with but know this the person experiencing the Pluto transit will return from the dark night of the souls lessons with great power and wisdom.

The highest and the lowest extremes will be prevalent and intense frustration and anger can overwhelm you during this intense time some explode which brings forth very deep changes, so its best to just ride the wave of change and go with the flow as there will be no way to stop the changes. After the transit you will look back and see your transformation, healing and understand the great awareness it brought forth to you.

Pluto And The Body

Pluto governs the reproductive organs and the gallbladder.

Pluto And Career

Pluto reigns over Insurance, taxes, wills, the masses, the underworld, poisonous fumes, rejuvenation, regeneration, transformation and astral projection.