It metal is Lead

Colours dark brown and sage green.

Flower Carnation

Its day is Saturday

Saturn ruler of Capricorn and co ruler of Aquarius takes 29 years to move around the sun and Ancient astrologers named Saturn the Roman God of agriculture, which moves very slowly around the sun. Saturn is thought of as an old man holding a cane, he is wise, in control, has discipline and teaches us to slow down, think twice and brings awareness of concerns of ramifications of the task at hand.

What To Expect With Saturn’s Influence

Saturn has long been know as the hard task master who forces us to face things we have been avoiding and Saturn wont allow you to take any short cuts. Saturn will help you to master your trade or go another level in what you do or who you are but he will do it thoroughly and will make you put in the hard work, but at the end of your Saturn experience you will receive big tangible rewards for all your effort.

Saturn has been described to rule bad luck but it can give you discipline persistence and the ability to plan long range. It rules fear but also caution. Get your Saturn working right and you are home free.

The Spiritual Wisdom Of Saturn!

Through the learning of Saturn you will gain stability longevity and practicable thinking allowing you to take on responsibility to mature in our performance and bring out the best in you structuring long standing solid rewards.

The Body And Saturn

Saturn governs the body parts of the teeth, bones, spleen, knees, left ear and sense of hearing.

Careers And Saturn

Saturn reigns over undertaking that require patience and endurance therefore careers such as farming, agriculturists, land scape gardeners, plumbers, hide and leather merchants, shoe makers, masons, realtors basically studies of a profound nature.