Its metal is Uranium

Colours Electric tones and mingled shades

Flower Violet

What To Expect With The Uranus Influence?

Uranus is the planet of surprise and unpredictability expect the unexpected. Uranus rules individuality and originality it is forward thinking and looking into the progressive and inventive genius ideas you have especially if change is what you want. Uranus energy will inspire objectivity with tradition and bring highly intuitive abilities that spurs invention. Uranus governs the Hi-tech and cutting edge technologies, computers, entrepreneur and innovation, that strikes like lightning and sweeps away everything out dated and helps build for more appropriate or modern advances.

The energy of Uranus is like a lightning bolt rapid and sudden, life will change when Uranus comes your way as it takes you out of what you know into thrusts you into the unusual. Perceptions of life and perhaps even your personality will alter under the Uranus influence because Uranus awakens you to what you have outgrown which is excellent when you have become stuck in a rut.

Uranus transits requires you to experience high energy rushes and to take on lots of information during a transit which can lead to break through and enlightenment moments, but is can also trigger serious nervous system alterations or breakdowns leaving you ungrounded or sometimes manic.

The Spiritual Wisdom Of Uranus!

Remember to channel your excess energy to protect and support your nervous system to avoid nervous system related diseases and issues and ground your self, choose relaxing and calming activities to bring balance to oneself on the journey so that the adventure Uranus takes you on is beneficial to your body mind and spirit.

Uranus And The Body

Ankles and the calves.

Uranus And Career

Uranus reigns over metaphysics, revolutionary ideas, telepathy, occult sciences ,reforms, inventions, new methods, aviation and electricity.