November 2020 dates will be posted in October

Prerequisite-For this course Basic DNA Theta Healing Certification

The Advanced course was designed by Vianna Stibal to further develop your spiritual enlightenment and further develop your connection and experience to the highest spiritual plane of existence where you connect to the pure divine energy. 

The Advanced course is for those ready to expand their knowledge and enhance and accelerate your understanding of Theta Healing.

You will learn to bring about amazing shifts in consciousness on every level of your being. The Advanced Theta Healing course will further enhance your belief systems in your life. Further develop your abilities into a state of true harmony, spirituality, emotionally, physically and mentally. 

Utilising Advanced Theta Healing technique, you will learn how you can actualise and materialise your desires into reality.

The Advanced Theta Healing course will teach you how to empower and transform your life by:


The Advanced Theta Healing course shows you how to help fast track your healing and psychic abilities.

Downloading to clear and identify programming within your belief systems

  • Journey through the 7 planes of existence
  • Receive comprehensive insights of how to leverage the 7 planes of existence for healing and manifestation
  • Learn to change feelings quickly, so you can transform negative emotions such as sadness, despair, guilt and anger into love, compassion, happiness and joy
  • techniques such as mending a broken soul and sending love to the baby in the womb
  • Channel your Higher Self, Ascendant Masters and Divine Wisdom
  • Meet and speak with your Ancestors, bending time and space
  • Transmute free-floating thought forms from surgery, abuse and trauma
  • Master scanning, clearing and programming crystals
  • Facilitating healings on pets and animals
  • Discover how Theta Healing can be applied to non organic matter such as businesses, jobs, group consciousness, investments and houses
  • Simplifying the Theta Healing process

“The Advanced Theta Healing course is the perfect complement to other healing modalities such as spiritual and energetic healing. It can further enhance cognitive therapies such as hypnosis, past life therapy and NLP.”

7 Planes of Existence

1. The adventure starts working from the first plane of existence where you will learn how to use crystals, minerals and metals in your everyday lives. You will learn how to reprogram and infuse them, for specific purposes such as healing, manifesting and protection.

2. The journey continues to the second plane where you will work with organic matter like flowers, vegetation, trees and grass. You will learn how to be a green thumb by performing healings on plants, and teaching them to be strong, resistant and beautiful.

3. Our quest gets even more exciting as we move into the third plane. This is where you will learn how to perform powerful healings on pets and animals. You will even learn how to surcharge houses, whether it is for buying or selling and program your business or work to create the abundance you deserve. In addition, you will permeate your environment with the ambience of your heart’s desire.

4. The expedition expands to the fourth plane where you will learn how to meet your Ancestor and have the opportunity to converse with a loved one or a pet who has passed over.

5. As we venture further through the planes of existence we come to the fifth plane. This is the place of ultimate duality. It is here that you will learn how to speak with your Higher Self, the Angels and the enlightened Ascended Masters.

6. The voyage gains momentum by reaching the sixth plane. This plane holds all laws of the universe such as the laws of truth, motion and time. You will learn how to manipulate the law of time and how to let go of being constrained by it. 

7. The ultimate destination, the seventh plane is one of infinite love, wisdom and harmony. Your journey accelerates exponentially, as you use this plane to design your own reality. Learning how to Manifest through the seventh plane becomes effortless and life changing. This is where you co-create with the divine.

Coffs Harbour NSW Australia

Instructor: Lesa Terry website                  Date:      2020
Venue: 88 Bailey Ave Coffs Harbour NSW 2450
Investment: $600 Repeat: $260 -Deposit $300 must be paid and confirmed by Lesa to reserve your seat in class. DEPOSIT IS NON REFUNDABLE . exemptions must be discussed or approved with Lesa
Prerequisite: Basic Theta Healing®
Time: Saturday 27th-29th June 2020 must be confirmed with Lesa

Deposit of $300 MUST BE PAID to book your Seat. Deposit is non refundable. Certification is given on completion of all classes being attended.