Virgo Full Moon

Feb 23rd 2016

Full moons shed light on what has been in the shadows you will feel the full moon energy 2 days before and 4 days after the full moon appear. This Virgo/ Pisces energy of the full moon illuminates where we to balance intellect (Virgo) with intuition (Pisces), effort with surrender and judgment with compassion. This full moon reveals where we need to let go of long held illusions about ourselves, spiritually and life.

Feb 25th mercury and Saturn will have you thinking ahead into the distance concerning contracts.

Feb 26th Uranus and Mercury will be a great day for writing generating ideas or having a brilliant idea, break through and ideas off the grid.

On Feb. 28th– 29 the conjoining of Pisces Neptune and the sun will be helping you to see beyond your programmed perceptions with all of your life and connections. Virgo seeks to learn about our bodies the shadow side of this is how you treat your body like a slave over riding its needs and limits, until illness or injury forces us to pay attention. Virgos dark side, judges rather than discerns and falls into servitude rather than services staying overly busy to avoid feelings of inadequacy and isolation. So be mindful to end these patterns around in the full moons energy.

Pisces represents the quest for spirit and reconnection to the divine. On Feb 23rd Jupiter forms its second of 3 oppositions to Chiron revealing more and empowering our spiritual truths. The next reveal will be on August 12.

Full Moon Ritual

Find some quiet time to settle your energy and begin to reflect on your current situation, the feelings you are experiencing and begin to write down all that you would like to release at this time. Write your list thoroughly and when you have finished if possible burn the letter somewhere safe and as you do see all that you wrote down clearing as it burns away removing the old from your life. Always give blessings and gratitude to the Full Moon for bringing to light all that needed to be revealed as you set yourself free from the emotional hold that any given situation has over you. Thank the Full Moon for its illumination and for expanding your growth.