When the Full Moon appears in the sky it is because of the approximate alignment of the Earth, Moon and Sun. The moon is on the opposite side of the Earth, so the entire sunlight part of the Moon is facing us. The shadowed part is entirely hidden from view. The Full Moon can be felt 4 days before and 4 days after the full moon. Where the Full Moon falls in your natal chart is where it will affect you.

What Will The Full Moon Bring For Me?

The Moon reflects the light of the Sun is a feminine energy and rules how you view your mother and governs your emotions dreams, memories and feelings.At the time of a Full Moon there is a super charged energy but one of balance between the solar yang and the lunar yin in harmony with one another.

The Full Moon illuminates the night sky, awakening and illuminating that, which occurs in our own lives at this time. Full moons bring light to the dark illuminating what has been hidden in the unconscious. The Full Moon heightens our emotional being and creates heightened awareness to bring to the surface feelings and revelations, which will be emotional. Full Moon seeks to illuminate and highlight issues that need a little more focus. It’s a time where all is revealed and an awakened moment arises where you can see the picture as a whole. The Moon always shows ones emotions and instincts it is a time to express and to clear our systems inwardly and externally. Full Moons are exposing or shall I say illuminating issues that are already present, but have not been delta with or over looked.

What To Expect On The Full Moon?

The Full Moon is a time of emotional intensity brought forth by the illumination of that which needs to come to your attention or that which needs to be released, changed or ended. It is a very powerful time for celebrations and a heightened energetic vibration that can allows you the opportunity to evolve on some level. The Full Moons job is to bring to you all that you where not aware of or that which may have been hidden. It is best to have all the information before you, so you can make the clearest decisions and take the best action. You can feel the Full Moon energy four days either side of the Full Moon illumination so you can process all that is before you and allow some time to sit and reflect on what it is that you need to release, let go or change.

Full Moon Ritual?

Find some quiet time to settle your energy and begin to reflect on your current situation, the feelings you are experiencing and begin to write down all that you would like to release at this time. Write your list thoroughly and when you have finished if possible burn the letter somewhere safe and as you do see all that you wrote down clearing as it burns away removing the old from your life. Always give blessings and gratitude to the Full Moon for bringing to light all that needed to be revealed as you set yourself free from the emotional hold that any given situation has over you. Thank the Full Moon for its illumination and for expanding your growth.

Full Moon Guided Meditation By Lesa Terry. Go to my You Tube channel.