lunar_eclipseThe Lunar Eclipse will always be a Full Moon.

A lunar eclipse is where the Moons orbit allows it to pass through the Earth’s shadow. Lunar eclipses can only occur when the full Moon occurs near the two nodes of the orbit, which is either the ascending or the descending node. This causes eclipses to only occur about very 6 months and often 2 weeks before or after a solar eclipse at New Moon at the opposite node.

What Can I Expect During The Lunar Eclipse?

Lunar eclipses are extra potent Full Moons signalling big folks in the road catalysing potentially life changing insights and events. Lunar eclipses are harder to get through than Solar eclipses because lunar eclipses end things and brings little tests or finds a weak link in your life. It is an eclipses job to open and expand you and situations around you moving you forward into the new, so expect the unexpected, stay aware and keep your schedule light as this energy can be a little debilitating and eliminate something, only to bring forth the new and remember although you feel like you are experiencing chaos or change as unforeseen things are being revelled to you, remember that the eclipse is your friend and that eclipse Full Moon friend will not allow you to go back from here on.

What Can I Do On A Lunar Eclipse?

The question to ask in this Eclipse is ‘what did I not see’ that this situation has occurred or been brought to my attention. It’s always best to wait for the dust to settle before any action around an eclipse and that includes no applying for new things on the eclipse.An eclipse will expand your awareness to where are you being called to make major changes at the time of the eclipse, so watch for critical insights and changes.

Spiritual Wisdom Of The Lunar Eclipse!

It’s in the energy of the eclipse that we are primed to take a big leap of faith and manifest our souls intentions. Use the potent eclipse to take the next big step on your path and remember as we move toward our dreams we move toward our divinity.