This when the energy under the surface so to speak is switching around from where it normally is, things are going backwards or in reverse, when we look at what mercury is know for technology, communication, research, perception and travel it is a time of reflection and a time to review, to see if any important information or contracts need adjusting, your perception may have changed or new information may surface that you were not aware of at the end of retrograde.

What To Do When Mercury Is Retrograde?

Never sign anything until after Mercury retrograde has turned direct and is moving forward again. Also something from the past can resurface in Mercury retrograde and give you another opportunity from a pasted offer. Mercury retrograde is also a time when technology can be unreliable so remind yourself in this energy to make copies of important documents, double check, emails, bookings and reservations and hold off purchasing anything new especially in the technology department or you may regret your purchase. If you really feel the urge to buy something new Mercury retrograde is a great time to research your desired product.