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Welcome to my book of wisdom, this book is for you personally to empower your energy, consciousness and understanding of our transformation each and every year throughout your personal journey of life.This book was created and designed for:

To have insight and foresight into the essence of energy and how it works for and against you is to be wise in the continuous evolving journey of our path and life.

Remember most of our journeys major lessons and blocks lie so deep with in ourselves it forms our energy vibration, it is these formed energy vibrations that we are not aware of programmed deep within our subconscious energy are that which we become accustomed to as feeling normal or safe to us.

With the wisdom of vibrational energy and how it can flow for and against you on your personal journey you are aligning your experiences to be more enriching therefore creating enjoyable energy vibrations, attracting abundance in all people places and situations in your life.

The journey of each year and whether it will be easy or hard, flowing or blocked, lies only within you and your ability to embrace yourself on deeper levels, and to constantly fine-tune your energy’s vibration with the ever-changing frequencies from the universe and etheric realms. So understanding the vibration and energies of your personal year number prepares you with the insight to be a step ahead of every situation along your path.